Chris Kiernik (flashkickhero) wrote,
Chris Kiernik

more cat shit but still some good news

today i woke up at 11:30 hearing a phone call from the next door neighboor
we call her cat bitch but she called me so i had to answer
she said chris i need u for 5 more days i will pay u 15 a day
so i am stuck cleaning cat and dog shit for 5 days i guess it is worth 75 bucks
today was a lovley monday waking up to a lawnmower and a massive big headache
i told her i was leaving and couldnt come over till 1:30
i hung up went to sleep till 1:30 got up and went over there
i had to own some 3 legged cat so i could hear my responsibilities
either way when i got back i downloaded some cool 80's music and talked to my friend
brandon adams. we were talking about how we took out these 2 guys in CS last night
when we were down 8-4 we caught up and won second round 9-0 the people banned up from the
server and played with themselves for like 2 hours in the server woundering how we beat there fucking asses so bad. Well i am expecting to hang out with some girl tonight but
knowing how i make plans i will prolly sit on my ass and nothing will happen. hey name is jeanette and she owns me because she works for a company that makes all the games that i play mostly blizzard games. well i hope we do something tonight i was gonna call her at 6-7 and see what was shaking so i guess i am out of here to listen to really good music
i downloaded 15 songs in like 5 mins so i am stacked for about 1 hour later guys
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