Chris Kiernik (flashkickhero) wrote,
Chris Kiernik


I got my Xbox today and the best thing is that it was free. A brand new xbox inside the box in a plastic bag. i am so happy i went out after i got the xbox and spent 100 dallors though on another controller a save pack and dead or alive xtream beach vball.
it was worth the hundy. but yea i had nothing to do last night so i basically sat on my ass
and played my new xbox and tried cool stuff with it. I put about 36 80's great songs on there so whenever i play a game that allows custom sound tracks i always got some songs to add in there OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH i am so bord so i play xbox and i got work in about 1 hour and it is a 7 fucking hour shift so i am basically screwed for the day because when i get back i got to give medicine to some cats next door and feed them which also takes about an hour so any friends with me today is a bust :(
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