Chris Kiernik (flashkickhero) wrote,
Chris Kiernik

Flash Kick cafe Fight

Dude i just got in a fight at an internet cafe because my video game skills are to nice either know i havn't played this game long i still killed everybody well i played it for a while but not hardcore it is called counter strike and i was at the internet cafe with a friend i havn't seen forever and i was killing everyone and this one guy so many times that he pushed me out of my seat and i went guile on his ass and round housed him in the stomach/chest area it truely kicked his ass he couldn't get up
we got kicked out 15 mins early and the kid we saw him walking home holding his gut hahahahaha
to think he started it and i finished it he was like trying to punch me and was pushing me and i am like dude calm down
then he pushed me far enough so i can fully extend my round house into his GUT!!!!!!!!! my arms may be toned but my legs are fucking dominant european fighter technique styles i learn in poland when i was a little kid
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