Chris Kiernik (flashkickhero) wrote,
Chris Kiernik

Wounderful Day and Nerdy

today what quite an eventful time. So far i got 5 wins in warcraft3 but then my next
door neighboor came over and she gave me 130 dollars
but while i was getting the money she was taking her sweet ass time
and i was in a game so i basically lost a game for like 3 people just so i can get 130 dollars u guys tell me if it was the rightthing to do or not

But the best thing of all is. I picked up the mail today. And smack dab right in
my face i see a mail that said crompton corp.
i was laughing my ass off to this mail that said crompton corp. Stacey and clayton know why
WHA WHA Crompton in the house
Crompton has left the building

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