Chris Kiernik (flashkickhero) wrote,
Chris Kiernik


Today was great me and 4 friends went to wild rivers and 2 of my friends did a funny ass thing on blue mountain. my friend gary and eddie
went off of blue mountain on the left side and then when they got on the
last turn of the mountain. out of nowhere eddie kicks gary into the air
and gary flys all the way over the mountain into the other side of it
and he finished the ride on the other side of the mountain
the life guard looked in awe
and eddie was pleading it was an accident so they wouldn't get timeout
there was a lot of skin there u know and i owned the world with my white skills
i hurt my nutz on the last time we went on surf hill because on the last fall i got mad air
and landed on my nuts. we did not buy any funnel cake and i was sad.
but we did have to go pee 2 times
1 time we went in the safari zone by the way we did not stub our toes due to water socks
and the other time we went in the jacussy whatever
and i guess we went 1 more time in the wave pool
and when i went piss in there a little kid went under water right through it
he must have hit a tropical spring there with heated water
yea i marked my territory on him
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